Q'umir means green in Quechua, a family of 46 languages derived from an ancestral language from the Inca Empire in South America. Widely spread across the region of the Andes, this magnificent civilization has since then understood the vital relationship we all have with mother nature.

 In the excitement of hearing its buzzing wings and seeing its rapid movements as it darts about looking for the next flower, you have momentarily forgotten what you were brooding about. It's as if the hummingbird was saying, "Hey, things aren't so bad. Lighten up, just look at all the beautiful flowers and sweet nectar we have yet to find!" Hummingbirds remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner.


A Note from the Creators

At Q’umir we seek to reach your inherent spiritual nature as we bring joy and balance to people’s hearts. Our beautifully and yet sustainable crafted products aim to promote respect to Mother Nature and encourage self-love. We care for the planet and for every business looking to align its practices with its customers beliefs. As our business grows, we are constantly seeking for ways to promote our cause and make Q’umir more ethical, eco-friendly, accessible and magical. We work hard to ensure that the customer experience with Q’umir is the best of the best. We have carefully selected our manufacturing partners who we trust to deliver a consistently well-made product. We’ve deployed an expert quality control team for an extra layer of checks.  Our packing is 100% recyclable and whenever possible, uses recycled materials. We strive to work with manufacturers who value the health of the Earth as much as we do. Our mission aligned with our values will always  be at the forefront of decision making. By purchasing any Q’umir product you become an earth ambassador. Be part of the change, follow us in this journey on our different social media platforms. Farewell and thank you for believing in Q’umir, a Mexican initiative based in Dubai, UAE.