Crystal-Infused Bottles

A crystal is added to water to revitalize its energy. The word elixir stems from the Arabic word “al iksic” which means “miracle substance.” Crystal elixirs have been crafted by alternative healers for centuries and are referenced in ancient Grecian and Chinese texts as being used to cure specific ailments. 
Recently, crystal healing is being incorporated into many different health and wellness tools, making them more accessible. As more people recognize the benefits of crystal healing, they are finding new and valuable ways to add them into their everyday routine.
Beyond their spiritual uses, quartz crystals have several practical uses including as energy transmitters in some devices like watches or microphones. Quartzes are extremely sensitive to vibrations and when they vibrate, they produce voltage. Drinking crystal-infused water will transfer those vibrations to your chakras and energetic field.

Our bottles are safe, made from food grade materials and have been certified in accordance with International Regulations and the Dubai Municipality.

Before using your Crystal-Infused Water Bottle, make sure you wash it. Add some hot water and a few drops of dish soap, close it and shake it for a minute. Rinse and unscrew the bottom (quartz) to wash it. It’s safe to wash too but be careful since it’s fragile. Let it air dry for the night. The body (glass) is dishwasher safe.

Fill your Crystal Water Bottle with filtered water and enjoy the benefits of your Crystal. We recommend to fill it at room temperature water but it may also be refrigerated. Do not place your Crystal bottle in the freezer as this could cause damage to the crystal and the glass body. Every sip of water is a reminder to be energized throughout your day and in fulfilling your intentions as they flow through your body and become more powerful.

 For energy cleaning:

Quartz crystals, especially, are great conductors of energy; and although you may not see it, your crystal will come to you carrying energy collected from previous travels. Since many of you prefer to start "from scratch" with a new crystal, the next step is to clear out any lingering prior energies (especially negative vibes!) and begin to immerse it in your own. Remember that your "intention" will be reprogrammed into your crystal, so be sure you are resonating to vibrations you would like your crystal to carry!

1. Soak into water, salt or rice for an indeterminate period of time and rinse afterwards. 💧 

2.  Leave your items to sparkle in direct, natural light, preferably sunlight if possible. ☀️ This can be done as a sole clearing method or in conjunction with any soak.

3. Meditation: Sit quietly with your crystal, creating the "thought" environment you wish your crystal to absorb. Above all, do not worry about which method is the "right" one! After working with your wonderfully unique pieces for a while, you will begin to intuitively sense how to handle each individual personality. 🧘🏽‍♂️

✨ It is advised not to let anyone touch your own personal Crystal. 

Keep in mind that our crystals are cut by hand, hence, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and tones. They are all entirely unique! Your bottle may not perfectly resemble those pictured on the website.

The bottle holds approximately 500ml, depending the size of your crystal. Remember that all the crystals are unique and handmade. 

Absolutely. We use quartz because it is completely safe to use as a direct-method crystal elixir. Certain stones are unsafe to be put into drinking water, as a general rule, stones ending with -ite are water soluble. Our stones are non-toxic and drinking Crystal-Infused Water is a safe way to help facilitate the flow of positive energy throughout your body. Our bottles are BPA free and no glue is used. Our Crystal-Infused Water Bottles comply with the health and safety standards from the Dubai Municipality.

Crystals are sourced from all over the world as we strive to work with ethical suppliers. Some common places are Madagascar & Brazil.

Yes! All our Crystal Displays will fit the stainless steel base inside your Qumir's Bottle. 

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