The Right Crystal for Your Mind (part 2)

The Right Crystal for Your Mind (part 2)

Did you know that crystals have a powerful effect on your mind? In the previous article we talked about some crystals to help you with different areas of your life. Here we will dive deeper into crystals for the mind.

Anxious mind:

If you feel you are on a rollercoaster with your mind, then Howlite is your crystal. This beautiful whitish-greyish stone brings your common sense to the fore and calms the mind from overthinking. What is amazing about it is, it clears the energy which is causing you to feel negative and confused. Hold it in your receptive hand, i.e. your left hand if you are right-handed and sit in a meditative state, allow yourself to receive the amazing energy of Howlite.

Lack of Focus:

Are you having difficulty with concentration? Some people call it "brain fog". Don't let that get you down. The power of Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite can help you stay focused and improve your ability to concentrate on your tasks. Of course being stressed can plays its role in keeping your mind unnecessarily busy. Relax by lying down and placing the crystal on your forehead for 10 minutes.


Maintaining mental stability is necessary for a healthy life.
Sometimes there is so much going on that you can lose clarity and have difficulty making the right decisions for you. If you are often indecisive and find it challenging to move forward in life, use Clear Quartz daily. Let its beautiful clear energy help you reach to practical thoughts and adjust your mindset to change. You can wear it all the time in your receptive hand to keep the energy flowing. Don't be afraid to mix and use multiple crystals at the same time. Keep them clean and charge them under the sun and moonlight. Enjoy the power of crystals in your everyday life.
Stay tuned for more.
Maria Leonard

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