The Right Crystal For You (part 1)

The Right Crystal For You (part 1)

Do you ever wonder what's the best crystal for you? Do you have a specific intention in mind?

Don't worry! Here is a list you need to know to help you choose your crystal. Ready?
If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious and have muscular pain, Smoky Quartz is great in relieving you from them. It will create a healthy balance with your lower energy centres, i.e. the soles of the feet and the base of the spine. Whatever mindset you may have, it's important to stay grounding to planet earth and be in our bodies. Smokey quartz will strengthen your connection and also help you release whatever is blocking you.


If you feel your energy is drained and your mind is filled with fear, Black Obsidian can be your saviour. It has very similar properties as smokey quartz but the blackness of the crystal makes it stronger and potent in absorbing low vibrational "negative" energy.


If you have been struggling with being kinder to yourself, opening your heart to more acceptance, compassion and creating a loving romantic relationships, Rose Quartz is the master crystal for it all. It helps to expand your heart energy centre and create a bubble of self-love. It's also a beautiful crystal to give as a gift to express your love. One more amazing to add is, it helps to restore confidence and worthiness. It's perfect when alternatively used with Amethyst to open up higher knowledge and energy centres for greater universal love.

More to come...
Maria Leonard


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