The Healing Power of Crystals

Spiritual Coach Maria Leonard with Qumir's Black Obsidian Crystal Bottle

A crystal provides a non-invasive form of healing to the mind, body and energy. All crystals are connected to the electromagnetic field and they work on re-aligning the energies around the body, which is called an aura. They also work in balancing the energy centres or chakras. Psychosomatic causes of illnesses can be uncovered and bring back harmony to the mind. By keeping an open-mind one can experience the profound healing abilities which has been used for thousands of years.  A crystal-infused water can also be considered as a gem elixir. They are a safe way to take in crystal energy. Since crystals work with vibration and resonance, its healing prosperities can be easily transferred into the drinking water.  This will help with a complete energy cleanse and also add a detoxing process to your body to keep it healthy and energised. When you keep your energy bodies or aura healthy you gain greater physical, emotional and mental health. Because we are bombarded with daily stressful situations, we could then experience layers of blockages which will have an impact on our well-being. 

Just because we don’t see energy with our physical eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just like acupuncture  helps in unblocking the meridians of the body, the crystal open up these pathways.

It’s important to remember that stress takes a huge toll on the body. It can causes disturbance to the natural body’s healing abilities. Therefore, when integrating crystals in your daily life, especially through water, it helps to gently bring back equilibrium. 

Every Crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency that can help with the body, mind and energy field/aura. One of the best ways is to see which one you are drawn to the most, then read about its description. You can use different crystals for various purposes, for example, rose quartz for self-love and heart healing and citrine for money and abundance.  Whether you believe or not in the unseen energy, you can still feel or sense it. Having an open-mind to the possibilities of mother nature’s healing power through crystals and water is bound to bring a more harmonious shift in your daily life. 


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